Planning for an Emergency

A recent report by a national small business council revealed that 80% of the small businesses significantly damaged by a major storm or other calamity that didn’t have a disaster recovery plan failed within a year of the disaster. As for those that did have a disaster recovery plan, only 20% failed. Here are five simple steps to creating a viable disaster recovery plan:

  • Create a detailed key contact list. Include employees’ home and cell numbers, utility suppliers, your insurance company and agent, and key contractors such as debris removal companies, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Call ad secure help right away.
  • Document all of your property and possessions with either pictures or a video. This information will be invaluable in the event of a major storm.
  • Electronically back up all your computer data regularly. Keep the backup media or tape off premise.
  • Have a back-up place from which to operate. Many businesses now have mutual agreements to temporarily assist the other in the event one’s place of business is unusable for some time.
  • Visit with your account manager to discuss the coverage you have and might need in the event of a disaster.