About Us

The American Insurance Alliance (AIA) is a partnership of independent agencies in the United States that specialize in manufactured housing and factory built housing. All of our member agencies have significant experience insuring manufactured home retailers, communities, installers, transporters, and other industry related companies. Our combined experience has been vital in developing a total approach to this industry. Through our collective expertise we have developed specialty applications, underwriting guidelines, and loss control methods that allow us to ascertain the current risk and the future risk to obtain a fair price for both the customer and the insurance carrier. We do business throughout the country. Most lenders, state regulators, and manufactured home associations know us well and are comfortable with our products and services. All these things have combined to make AIA the most dominant group of agents providing insurance to the Manufactured Housing Industry.

Why do business with us?

When someone has a special medical need, they see a health-care provider. You should do the same with your special insurance needs. Insuring the manufactured home industry is what we do. We have a long-term relationship with industry regulatory agencies and most industry leaders. AIA_Logo_460You won’t find complaints about us with the Better Business Bureau, HUD, the Department of Insurance, or the Secretary of State. We know the coverage you need, and the coverage regulatory agencies and lenders demand. We are prompt, efficient, and we offer the best insurance values available anywhere.

Doing business with us

The simplest way is to call us toll-free at 1-855-AIA-4321 (1-855-242-4321). do-business-with-us-american-insurance-allianceWe’ll connect you with one of members who will discuss your business operations, gather some information from you, and then put together an asset-protecting insurance plan designed for your business. Out quotes will be detailed and in writing. If you prefer to do business electronically, you’ll find that all of our member agencies can receive and transmit any information you have or need over the internet or fax.

Insurance Services We Provide

  • Community
  • Dealers
  • Home Owners
  • Transporters
  • Setup Contractors
  • Dealer Bonds
  • Contractor Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Payment Bonds
  • Street Obstruction Bonds
  • Right of Way Bond
  • Notary
  • Dealer Inventory
  • MH Parks
  • Cargo